Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Signing up to Cycling Queensland via Cycling Australia web page

Joining up with Cycling Qld – steps to follow.

·         Go to the Cycling Australia web site: http://membership.cycling.org.au/
·         Select the ride membership you want:
-          either Ride Basic for $60.00
-          or Ride + for $99.00
·         What’s the difference? The level of insurance you want.
·         If you are not sure, read each one to find out what you want by selecting the ‘Find out more’ buttons under each heading.
·         Decided which membership you want?
·         Select the ‘Join now’ button
·         Under  ‘State’ select Cycling Queensland from the drop down menu
·         Under ‘Club’ select Cycling Queensland (again) from the drop down menu, then hit ‘next’.
·         A new page opens showing all the categories of membership and costs  - check! are you under or over 65, if you are selecting Ride +?
·         Select either Basic Ride or Ride +
·           A new window opens taking you to the Volunteer Declaration. Read and note two tick boxes. This page refers to racing clubs, not the BUG but you need to complete it anyway and then select ‘next’
·         The ‘New Registrations’ window opens. Fill this out and select ‘next’
·         That takes you to the ‘Checkout’ page. If you are paying for one membership select ‘Submit Application and Pay Online’. If you are signing up for a family membership, select ‘Submit Application Only’ and return to the start for the second application, repeat the process including ‘Submit Application Only’.
·         To process the Family Membership and gain the discount, ring the Cycling Australia office and pay for the membership over the phone: 03 9998 6810

·         Please note: It is important to make sure you select your Club as ‘Cycling Queensland’, not anything else. The BUG receives $11.00 per membership back from Cycling Queensland to help fund the group. At this point, the BUG is not listed as a separate Club on the webpage. The BUG has to let Cycling Queensland know who from here is joining up, so please email us to let us know when you have joined: toowoombabug@gmail.com

·         This is a temporary arrangement that will be remedied when we affiliate, so please bear with us.

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