Saturday, 10 May 2008

Toowoomba's 'Heritage Treasures' launch

The TBUG never sleeps.

On Sunday 11 May, while others were bringing cups of tea and breakfast in bed to their mother, TBUG supporters were busy getting a number of bicycles ready for the launch of the new Toowoomba Regional Council booklet, Toowoomba's Heritage Treasures 2008.

Deep within the booklet, on page 13, picture D3, the reader will observe the last remnants of the old Toowoomba Foundry bike sheds, sadly with three motorbikes parked there and no bicycles in sight at all.

This fine piece of industrial archeology was nominated by James McDonald, TBUG supporter.

James was also asked if he could supply a few old bikes for the launch, which was held at Platform 9 at 10.00 am. See the two pictures above.

The launch went well, and Sue Englart, the source of the idea, gave a great speech as did Joe Ramia and Bob Goodwin, the MC.

The Toowoomba Chronicle has also agreed to run a story on the bike sheds.

A number of bikes were taken to the bike sheds and the Chronicle photographer worked his magic.

Although a mere remnant of what was there during the foundry's best days, this little corner of a past cycling history is worth keeping.

When the site is redeveloped, it would be good to see this little shed returned to its former glory, with the now gone 'lower hooks' replaced and the 'front from back' dividing bar, to prevent the bikes hanging too far forward, welded back into place too.

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