Sunday, 9 March 2008

Toowoomba BUG meets TRC candidates

Cycling received strong support from sixteen Toowoomba regional council candidates who met with local cyclists today. Candidates came from across the region.

Interspersed between childhood memories of bike riding, including daring range descents and even more daring returns, the council candidates all expressed their support for the major aims and objectives of the Toowoomba Bicycle Users Group (T-BUG), according to TBUG co-ordinator David Allworth.

“T-BUG is very pleased to see candidates indicated their intention to progress the current Toowoomba Pedestrian and Cycle Strategy at a faster pace,” Mr Allworth said.

“We would be looking for the principles of this strategy to be applied across the region,” he said.

“The only mayoral candidate present, Mr. Peter Taylor, supported not only general improvements to cycling infrastructure but progressing a regional response to ensure cycling takes its rightful place as part of the solution to concerns, such as high fuel prices, personal health issues and greenhouse reduction targets,” he said.

Mr Allworth said: “Candidates clearly understood the concerns of city based cyclists as well as being aware of the difficulties posed by too narrow roads outside the city limits.”

“Pleasingly, it looks as if the new council will progress the recommendation from the outgoing Toowoomba City Council that a Bicycle Advisory Committee be formed, if these candidates are anything to go by,” he said.

“For our part, we hope to encourage the outlying towns in the new regional council area to create their own BUGs to work with us to ensure as much thought goes into cycle related matters in, say, Crows Nest, Highfields, Pittsworth, Clifton and Oakey as there clearly will be in Toowoomba.

“Anyone wanting details of how to start a BUG in any town or workplace should contact us by email at:,” Mr Allworth said.

"One of theT-BUG objectives is to build a network of BUGs across the region, to ensure all politicians work to shift the current emphasis of roads-for-cars to roads-for-all-users," Mr. Allworth said.

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