Sunday, 9 March 2008

TBUGs '10 Questions' for TRC candidates

TRC Mayoral Candidates
None of the mayoral candidates returned the survey questions.
Peter Taylor was the only candidate to attend the meeting where he expressed considerable support for cycling overall, the objectives of T-BUG and the importance of the Bicycle Advisory Committee that T-BUG has been promoting to the old TCC.

Questions 10, 10a, 10b

We have decided against posting the response to questions 10, 10a and 10b for all candidates. Unfortunately, most candidates misunderstood the question and thought we were asking if they would commit to 'riding to work' when we simply asked them whether they either rode on a regular basis or would take up riding on a regular basis should they be elected. The truth is, most candidates reflect their age groups in the wider community, most of whom do not ride. The real value of this question was to get the TRC candidates to think about it rather than the almost inevitable answers that surfaced.

Returned surveys
The following candidates returned the '10 Questions' answering 'Yes' to all questions from 1-9:

The following candidates answered 'Yes' to most questions but 'No' to those adjacent to their names:
Huxley: 9
Marks: 5, 6
C. Taylor: 6, 7

The following candidate, Orford, answered 'Yes' to: 1, 4, 6, and left the rest blank.

The following TRC candidates did not respond to the questions but gave their support to cycling in general and the aims and objectives of the T-BUG and the need for the BAC:
In addition, candidate Cahill sought out a BUG representative to spend some considerable time with discussing both the BUG objectives and his views on cycling, of which he was very supportive.

Who attended the 9 March meeting?

There were 16 TRC candidates who attended the 9 March meeting:
Alroe, Barron, Beer, Cahill, Englart, Frizzell,Huxley, Ledbury, Marks, Michael, Orford, Smith, Sorenson, Williams, Yeates, (Peter) Taylor.

You have to make your own mind up on who to vote for using this information in conjunction with your other research on all these TRC hopefuls.

What were the '10 Questions' again?

T-BUGs ten questions for TRC candidates

1) Will you support Toowoomba’s growing cycling fraternity, by taking a leading role in the improvement of road safety and infrastructure, as outlined in the current TCC 'cycle strategy'?

2) Do you agree that the new regional council has a responsibility to participate in all aspects of national, state and local cycle policy and strategies?

3) Are you prepared to support the implementation of the current TCC 'cycle strategy' action points?

4) Should TRC help make this a cycle-safe and cycle-friendly region?

5) Can you support the Toowoomba BUGs 3Rs community awareness campaign, in relation to 'road user behaviour '?

[3Rs = same Road, same Rules, same Responsibilities] - for all road users

6) Do you support formation of the Toowoomba Bicycle Advisory Committee ensuring cooperation between TRC, relevant government agencies and the Toowoomba Bicycle Users Group?

7) Do you support the community ideals as expressed within the TCC 2050 Plan?

8) Are you aware of the importance of 'end of journey facilities' to commuting cyclists, in encouraging more people to ride to work?

9) Are you aware of the need for increased secure bicycle parking throughout the TRC area?

10) Do you regularly ride a bicycle?

If No: If elected, are you prepared to start riding a bicycle on a regular basis, promoting the environmental, economic, social and health benefits of this alternative, efficient, low cost, low impact means of travel?

If Yes: If elected, are you prepared to keep riding a bicycle on a regular basis promoting the environmental, economic, social and health benefits of this alternative, efficient, low cost, low impact means of travel?

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