Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Changed format for 2011: workplace volunteers needed

National Ride to Work Day – Wednesday 12 October 2011

It is on again – National Ride to Work Day, on Wednesday, 12 October.

It would be great if you could all encourage others to ride, both to increase the reasons for cycling to be better catered for and the many environmental and personal benefits cycling brings to us as individuals and as a community.

This year the format is to get as many people riding to their workplace, and then at 4.45pm to 5.30pm there will be prize presentations at Oxygen Cafe, corner of Ruthven and Little Street.

This should be a good social occasion, plus an opportunity to compare notes.

The Toowoomba BUG Freewheelers Trophy will be presented to the Best Cycling Workplace.

The judges' decision is always a hotly debated subject (but no correspondence or brown paper bags will be tolerated).

There will be other prizes for first time rider, best effort etc.

In previous years, we have had a breakfast in the centre of town.

But we have discovered that because people are on tight timetables and not all workplaces are in the centre of town, this year we are trying an post-work afternoon event to keep what has been a very enjoyable social component.

What we really need is workplace contacts who will volunteer to 'truthfully' count the number of people cycling to work and to text or email those in by 4pm.

Obviously we would also like those people to be encouraging others to ride where possible.

If you can be a bike count volunteer contact us at or mobile 0408 726 038.

Please get this message out amongst any bicycle networks and workplaces you belong to.

The Toowoowmba Regional Council is, as previously, contributing to the day with some resources – thanks to them for their assistance.