Sunday, 12 April 2009

Highfields Community Cabinet meeting

We see that Anna Bligh is to bring her Cabinet to Highfields to allow we electors to bend their ears on what concerns us in the local area.

This is too good to miss, what with the reluctance of various arms of government to come to grips with cycling in this immediate area.

Maybe the new Transport Minister will notice the lack of cycle lane markings in Highfields, on all that roadwork that seemed to go on for so very long. Or, should the fleet of petrol guzzling American sourced government cars follow the highway up from Toowoomba, perhaps the Minister will notice the lack of a cycle lane in all that great expanse of bitumen from Toowoomba to Highfields, and back?

Maybe the new Minister will inspect the Ruthven Street road works and wonder at the too-narrow cycle lane at Alderley Street, or the lack of any cycle lane markings on the new work elsewhere, from James Street back?

Who knows what Ministers notice, especially when their MRD and QT officials seem not to notice all the discrepancies between what policy says and what they actually deliver themselves, but anyway, it may well be worth our while to point all this out, along with some photos of TRCs engineering prowess when it comes to putting BAZ signs in the gutter, power poles in the middle of footpaths, and providing concrete car parks along West and Nelson Street for residents to park on, where cyclists are supposed to be able to cycle.

Should you wish to have some particular cycling issue raised, please email the TBUG and provide all the necessary details and we'll add it to the list.

Photos or Googlemap coordinates make life easier when it comes to explaining these matters, so consider sending them both if possible.

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