Saturday, 17 January 2009

Scare dogs and let motorists know you exist (when appropriate)

The Sunday 18 January BUG ride was another great event, and a 'just right' cool day for the climb up Mount Kynoch.

On a long downhill stretch, culminating in a road junction that required riders to stop, a pair of dogs decided to give a bunch of riders 'some curry'.

Bounding out of the unfenced property came a Border Collie, and a Mutt, both intent on mischief, and maybe a little biting.

Without our 'guard rider', who last time barked at approaching dogs, we thought we were done for.

Then.... a blast from nowhere, apparently 115 decibels of raw NOISE, saw both dogs turn tail and retreat to a safe distance, never to be seen again.

The source of this noise?

An air powered bike horn, known as a Samui Air Zound 3, mounted unobtrusively on a fellow riders bike.

Later in the ride, right or wrong, when some clown in the inevitable ute blew their car horn at the mere presence of bikes on a road, the airhorn was able to send a quick message.... %^&*// off with you.... and satisfaction at being able to reply was found by those riders close by.

This airhorn is a great safety item and all TBUG riders should consider getting one.

Not, we hasten to add, to blow like a car driver might, but as a genuine attention getter when threatened by a driver (or dog) that seems to be totally unaware of your presence on the road.

TBUG has no dealings with Dean Woods, but this is where the TBUG supporter bought his. Ask the local bike shops if they can get it in, and meet the price.

World's loudest bike horn!
• Very loud! 115dB at max volume
• Recharge with any bike pump or compressor
• No batteries or cartridges required
• Quick release clamp
• Volume control
• Yields over 30 blasts or 80 gentle honks per charge
• Super lightweight - under 100g
• No danger of overpresurization
• 5-100 psi (1-7 BAR) operating range
• Narrow profile - fits all bikes
• Air reservoir can be fitted in bottle cage or anywhere on frame
Colour: Grey body with Red fixing plastic mechanism
Where do you get one from?

Dean Woods online shop:

Normally $60-$65 depending on the shop but at Dean Woods a reasonable $30.00, plus p+p.

While we support local bike shops, it’s up to them to ‘meet the market’ on these sort of prices.

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  1. Another way of getting dogs off your tail is to spray water from your bottle at them. They don't seem to be able to tell that it's just water and not something more solid.

    The Air horns are very effective, used one regularly in Brisbane. Good comment about the LBS. It's great to have that personal level of service, but prices really have to stack up against their online competition.